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PvE challenge+competition, submission deadline.

Date: Aug 06, 2019
Time: 11:59 PM
Posted by: Rin Dreamweaver
Category: PvE
These are aimed at promoting participation in high level PvE content such as raids and fractals, but naturally anyone is more then welcome to participate.
Some of these are denoted a "challenge", which is generally a small task anyone can do for a small reward, these are there for helping people get started,
fix group issues and generally raise awareness.

The competitions are as the name suggests a small competition, usually running for 2 weeks where you need to complete a PvE task either by yourself or as a group.
Generally there is a prize for the winner/winners and one randomized prize amongst the participants.

Challenge: Bambi getting ready to raid!
Ends: August 6.
Reward: 10g+some suitable food and spanners

Fully gear one character for PvE raids (this may be an old PvE build of yours you have updated).
1) Build should be one of those on or one accepted in discussion with me (Rin).
2) Correct traits, weapons runes, sigils and type of stats.
3) At least 50% should be ascended+ with the rest being exotics, in addition power dps builds should have ascended+ main hand weapons.
4) Infusions are not required.

To register either send a gw2 efficiency link, a screenshot over traits+stats page or ask for a confirmation ingame.

Competition: Golem testing.
Ends: August 6.
Reward: highest benchmark 15g, highest benchmark in % 15g (most up to date benchmark available), random participant: 10g

1) Make your own dps benchmark with "realistic" buffs using the small size + medium hp golem, highest benchmark wins!
What constitutes realstic buffs can be seen on (click on "buffs"), don't forget conditions
and food/spanner as well.
2) Winners are the one that gets the highest benchmark overall, as recored from the last measurement ingame "highest benchmark"
or the one that gets closest to their corresponding benchmark on for your build (or the most similar build).

To participate either send a screenshot of the benchmark ingame (including buff bar), or using a video or arc-dps log.

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I'm gonna go ahed and submit a random power chrono benchmark just to give an example since I obviously won't be paying out gold to myself :P

32k, main issue being the opener since it has changed significantly since I played it last (rotation+getting used to new cs/dist combine).

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