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the walk of flame in orr

Date: Oct 05, 2019
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Dine
Category: PvE
The maps of orr we will do.

The four maps we will have to request unlocked.

The nicest smile will be awarded by something in the end of three hours of farming pve and events in squad locked only to chao members.
The reward will be sended by mail game from Ange D. Dine.
The smile nice is a blind test about the joke we know allready. Why dont to say them between us to have a good evening in raid farming pve ?
To respect the people, we need to choose our jokes in advance with the terms of ts piken

I will lead the squad on my team speak. i give the adress ts and the password in the squad only.

the hour of meeting will be 20 : 30 uk timer. departure at 21 pm. the way point of teleport will be given in squad.
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