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Welcome to us :)

[Pinned] Chao spirit (guidelines/rules)

1. No drama- Keep in mind we are a close and friendly guild group with many couples and single people who enjoy the sanctuary we have created. Do not aggressively seek attention or in any way make people uncomfortable. No alpha male/female tendenc...
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Welcome to us :)

[Pinned] FAQ - Ordo Ab Chao

What kind of people is in the guild?- People who doesn't like drama- Its a 18+ guild and no upper limit- The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive and that's the way we'll keep it.How active is the guild?- People online from 6 in the morning ...
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Welcome to us :)

Ordo ab [Chao] History

Welcome in and around Ordo Ab [Chao]. A guild that has existed since day one of the game. Over the time, so much has changed. The guild back then was pve focused and a friend’s guild, with people spread cross servers having fun together, which sad...
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