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What kind of people is in the guild?
- People who doesn't like drama
- Its a 18+ guild and no upper limit
- The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive and that's the way we'll keep it.

How active is the guild?
- People online from 6 in the morning to late at night
Current Schedule
Monday - WvW Raid 18.45
Tuesday - Guild meeting 18.45 +WvW training OR Officers meeting (every other week)
Wednesday - PvE Raid 18.45
Thurday - WvW Raid 18.45
Friday - Piken meeting + WvW Reset
Saturday - Free/Event
Sunday - Free

What does the guild do?
As you can see from the schedule above, we do bit of everything, and that list doesn't include our spontaneous events
We do what we can to keep people satisfied and entertained

Whats your thoughts on repping the guild?
We would like to be repped most of the time, as we grow as a guild, not just gather people for a big roster
We are keeping an eye on our members attendance and general interaction with guild, we aim for a realistic Guild roaster.

Are raids mandatory?
WvW Raids on Monday + Thursday, If online=join.

Any requirements to join?
- Must be on Piken or linked server
- Be older than 18 years
- Join forum

How do i become a member from recruit?
- Be in guild for 2 months
- Show noticeable activity (we keep track of raid attendance)
- be a good addition to guild - Ir will be discussed within leadership if getting rank up or boot after the trial period.

Anything else i should know?
- inactive people get removed from roster if inactive, but with a mail that informs they're welcome back when they back and active
- Ask. We're happy to help and teach, so don't be afraid to ask
- if there is any problems, don't hesitate talking to one of the officers or leaders.

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