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1. No drama

- Keep in mind we are a close and friendly guild group with many couples and single people who enjoy the sanctuary we have created.
Do not aggressively seek attention or in any way make people uncomfortable.
No alpha male/female tendencies will be tolerated.
Just keep it clean and friendly.

- Do no spread rumours. Talk directly to the people involved if you seek answers. If you have a problem with someone, take it first in private and try to solve it. If this cannot be done please contact an officer.

- Ignore trolls. Do not feed or encourage trolls in chat.

- do NOT share info about the guild in any other channels
^ Not sharing our guild builds
^ No sharing any info that might lead to unwanted feedback
(not everyone you talk to on the internet has good intentions)

2. No salt spreading

- No commander or guild bashing in TS, guild chat, team chat, map chat, squad chat or party chat.
It is ok to dislike some commanders, but do not spread your mood about it. What you dislike someone may like.
We are all here to have fun, spread joy not salt.

3. No Cheating

- Follow ArenaNets rules for the game

4. No begging

- Do not ask for gold or gifts from guild members. Its ok to accept whatever offered, but do not ask, demand or expect it to be given to you.

5. Do help each other

- We are a friendly, supportive and caring guild. We shall do our best to teach and help new members as well as old in any way we can. We work as a team and we pull together.


If you have a concern feel free to contact an officer about it and we’ll do our best to make sure it gets handled. However not everything can be solved and we’re all human so keep that in mind.

If these rules get broken, the leadership will take action. People acting in these ways do not fit in with the guild and will be removed from roaster.

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