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#13848784 Aug 31, 2018 at 11:24 PM
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Welcome in and around Ordo Ab [Chao].
A guild that has existed since day one of the game. Over the time, so much has changed. The guild back then was pve focused and a friend’s guild, with people spread cross servers having fun together, which sadly at some point died.

Then after long time it got resurrected when a big group of us took shelter here after a split from another guild. Since then we’ve been growing and thriving as a Piken Square Guild
The guild has a long history and the people might not be the same as the day it started, but the Chao spirit continues.

We’re an amazing bunch of fun-loving people who are all contributing in their ways into making it an awesome guild with a great atmosphere. We are a crazy bunch of different types of people, but all with a huge passion and that is what makes it more special. The whole road into evolving and growing is walked together.
Trying to keep everyone happy along the way.
Our focus is to have as little drama as possible, making sure people can enjoy the game in a nice and safe environment. We keep it friendly and the leadership always try to focus what’s best for the guild as whole

As for the name Ordo Ab Chao, it’s an odd name.
It means Order out of Chaos/Order from Disorder
There is also a Norwegian metal-band called Mayhem with a great album called Ordo Ad Chao, which was a nice intended pun too

We look forward to have you be a part of our history too.
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